Attracting and Retaining Talent – Becoming an Employer of Choice – with Dr. Tim Baker Tweed business breakfast April 15th

Tim Baker“Attracting and Retaining Talent
– Becoming an Employer of Choice.”
Business Breakfast at Tweed Bowls Club April 15th with Doctor Tim Baker.

Dr Tim Baker is the director of WINNERS-at-WORK Pty Ltd which has a successful track record in transforming organisational capability through change programs and leadership capability development for 18 years.
He is a disruptive thinker willing to challenge conventional HR practices and come up with practical, innovative solutions to real-world problems.

Tim is an • International Consultant,  • Executive Coach,  • Organizational Psychologist,
• Gifted Facilitator,  • Master Trainer,  • Post-graduate Lecturer,  • Successful Author

Tim has conducted major consulting assignments from Saudi Arabia to Singapore.
His clients range from police departments to symphony orchestras, and every industry in between.

Tim has consulted to: • Boeing,  • Monetary Authority of • Unilever,  • Nokia,  • Singapore Airlines,  • McDonald’s Corporation

This is a rare opportunity to see and hear from one of Australia’s top presenters and should not be missed. He is the author of several top selling books and their details and more about Doctor.Tim Baker can be found at and

Early bookings for this breakfast must be received by Friday 10th April to secure your seat.

Marketing success unlimited

Brendon SinclairBrendon Sinclair is widely recognised as one of Australia ‘s leading marketing minds with a background including marketing public companies. major businesses and web site development.

His clients include: Queensland Government, Gold Coast City Council, Care Flight Queensland Gold Coast Marathon and many more.
Brendon is the author of the “Web Design Business Kit” – a book that has had $2 million in sales and was voted the best book in the Internet industry in 2004. He writes the Site Point Tribune· an e·newsletter with 140,000 subscribers.
He is the Vice President of the Gold Coast Media Club and has also been involved in amazing sporting exploits.

Speaking at the March 18th Breakfast on “Marketing Success Unlimited”. He will offer fail proof and revolutionary methods and practical advice with real·life case studies to make more money for your business today and will make your business stand out for your competitors!
This presentation is chock full of practical advice, real·life case studies and easy to follow steps to making more money today and should not be missedl Learn the best place to find new customers, how to get your customers talking about you and much more.

* Bookings by Monday March 16th please. Enquires 0418 269 136

Harness Neuroscience for Better Business Results Tweed Breakfast 18th February 2015

Ilze JaunberzinsHarness Neuroscience for Better Business Results
With Ilze Jaunberzins
February 18th 2015 7am DST at Tweed Heads Bowls Club

Latest neuroscience research sheds light on what the brain needs to function well.
In this highly practical, interactive and practical session Ilze will take you on a journey to :
• Discover what your customers brains are seeking from you
• Analyse are you currently with or against your (potential) customer
• Are you engaging your customer loyalty or have you “lost them”?
• Take away 3 potent strategies to immediately improve your rapport
• Boost your own brain performance and resilience.

With 30 years’ experience in the public health sector as a teacher, nurse clinician, manager, quality consultant and educator Ilze Jaunberzins has developed expertise in team building, cultural transformation, strategic planning, quality systems, contemporary education strategies and curriculum design.
Harnessing information from neuroscience, NeuroLeadership, quantum physics, spiral dynamics & epigenetics, Ilze has designed and facilitates the transformational PowerMind Leadership Development Coaching System. Science can transform leaders from busy to effective.
The power of the coaching incorporates 25 NeuroPlus© principles.Learning is practical, sustainable and transferable to any life situation.
This is a must attend session – come to learn practical science based strategies to improve your personal and professional lives.*

Bookings by Monday February 16th please*

Create Outstanding Results in Business in 2015- Tweed Business Breakfast January 21st 2015

Phil DalyYour Presenter – Phil Daly – Managing Consultant,
PINNACLE Business Solutions.

This Business Breakfast is at Tweed Heads Bowls Club on Wednesday 21st January 2015.

Phil is the area’s foremost expert on creating outstanding results in business, having worked with thousands of clients both individually and in teams to bring out the very best in their ability to achieve results.

Phil works with business leaders on how to maximise their time and to get clear on what is important, leading to brilliant results in their business and their life.

In the past, Phil has worked with small, medium and large organisations to develop strategies that not only improve performance, but also add to the bottom line.

You’ll discover how he takes complex business concepts and turns them into easily understood strategies that can be readily applied in your business today.

Phil’s relaxed style is highly interactive and enjoyable, with a focus on action-based application.

Start the New Year with a positive presentation and book- by Monday 19th January to gain some great information from our speaker Phil Daly.

A hot and cold top breakfast is included with the presentation for a generous investment of $25.00 per person.

More information phone 07 55 241273 business hours or mobile 0418 269 136.

Master the Art of Professional Speaking and Presentation- Tweed -December 17th 2014

Trevor RussellHow to Be a Super Star Speaker with TREVOR RUSSELL at Tweed Heads Bowls Club December 17th 2014
How do you have a passion to speak, lead inspire and enrol people into your business services? Have people engaged in your presentation? Most important have people excited to rush up and meet and do business with you!

Most importantly get up and speak in front of the room and practice your Super Star Speaking Presentation in a safe and supportive space.

It’s Trevor’s intention to support you with…
 How to move from Fear to Empowerment and let your light shine as a passionate inspiring influential speaker
 How to unlock and bring out and really share your passion from the stage and have people want to rush up and meet to do business with you.
 Standing out from the competition and generate a whole lot more business from your speaking and presenting.
 How to structure a superstar presenting that is fun and exciting for you and shows you how to effectively enrol your audience into your services.
 How to package up your services to make money from your speaking.
 How to put your audience in awe with mind blowing magic and other little secrets to have you stand out from the crowd.

About Trevor Russell
His professional roles include business strategist, consultant and coach, sales and speaker trainer, author and professional speaker. He is highly experienced in business strategy, speaking with skill, sales and business grow, management, marketing, finance and health and human peak performance.
Trevor is a high energy, entertaining and very skilled in how to make businesses and teams work to achieve huge success, sales and profits. He is passionate about bringing out the best in business owners and teams, working with over 200 businesses across many industries.
He specialises in teaching people how to master the art of professional speaking and consulting, business leadership, sales and team training and motivation. His intention is to lead you to Revolutionise Your Profession and Business Skills to Be Masterful!
BOOKINGS TO by Monday 15th December*

International Author Roberta Cava- “Dealing with Difficult People” November 19th Business Excellence breakfast

Roberta CavaInternational Author and Speaker ROBERTA CAVA “Dealing with Difficult People”

Speaking at Tweed Bowls Club November 19th 7am NSW DST

Roberta Cava is the author of twenty-nine books. Dealing with Difficult People has been an international best-seller since 1990. She wrote it because she saw so many people struggling when the dealing with difficult bosses, clients and co-workers.

Dealing with Difficult People has been so popular internationally (with 22 publishers, in 16 languages) that she has been asked to present seminars to over 55,000 participants in Canada, USA, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong and the Philippines on the subject.

Winner of innumerable awards Roberta has many international tributes including being a recipient in 2013 of a McPherson Community Achiever Award for her work with Crime Stoppers on the Gold Coast of Queensland; chosen twice as a Canadian Achiever; was nominated for the 1999 and 2001 Telstra Australian Business Woman of the Year Awards, Alberta Human Rights Award and the Canada Awards for Business Excellence.

At one time or another, everyone has to deal with irate, rude, impatient emotional or aggressive people in the workplace. This is the breakfast presentation for learning how to handle these stressful situations and how to defuse tensions calmly and with professionalism.

Early bookings by Friday 14th November 5pm to

Out Think, Outperform & Achieve Your Ultimate Lifestyle

Scott GrovesSTRATEGIC SHIFT: How to Out Think, Outperform & Achieve Your Ultimate Lifestyle from Your Business
Business Strategist, Online Marketer, Executive Level Consultant and Author of 7 Books, Scott Groves will be sharing high level insights into how the world’s best strategic thinkers view their businesses and lives for ultimate success, fun and free time.
FACT: Less than 5% of People Are Actually Strategic in Business. Tactics are abundant but without a strategy, things never seem to go as well as they could. Can you relate?

This Breakfast is a MUST ATTEND:
Learn practical strategic applications that can be applied to ANY business.
Learn about Scott’s recent experience speaking to 500 Top Executives in a room with Google and Samsung as other presenters.
What you need to be ready for in the online world and how it affects every short sighted business
PLUS the opportunities that are available right now to change the way you play the game and WIN!
Learn 2 massively under-utilised resources for business ideas, all specific to your personal business – and all FREE!

One Lucky Business will Receive a FREE Online Audit Valued at $5,000 Personally Delivered by Scott (optional entry on the day)

Check out Scott Groves’ profile on Linkedin and Book in Now for this event!


Jerry Crockford The “MUST DO’S” for YOUR WEBSITE to get MORE people to convert into PROFIT!
Presented by Award Winning Marketing Guru JERRY CROCKFORD

Your website isn’t a piece of artwork. It has a job to do. It must either:
• Generate enquires for follow-up.
• Make sales. Now. Right this minute!.

Getting visitors to your site is one thing, but if they don’t convert into leads or sales, you are missing out on opportunity every day!

At this breakfast session, Jerry Crockford will talk about the importance of Conversion Rate Optimisation, and give you the ideas and inspiration you need to make your website more profitable. He’ll share new thinking about:

Page headings — what works, and why.
• Page structure — what elements must be readily visible to make people take action
• Images — and how you can test them to see what your customers REALLY want from you.
• Steps you can take to increase the perceived value of your offering — to give you a competitive advantage.

Most importantly, he’ll talk about current trends, helping you to make sure your online marketing isn’t left behind.
Jerry can give you insights that are specific to your business and will answer questions about  issues and challenges you may have with your website.

Your online presence is a vital ingredient in the success of your business. You need to attend this breakfast to make SURE your website is the persuasive marketing tool you need it to be!

TWEED HEADS BOWLS CLUB  Wednesday 17th September 6-45 for 7am start. Bookings close September 15th 2014 to

Top Relationship Counsellor Presents Major Differences between Male and Female Brains- ” Viva la Difference” August 20

“Viva la Difference”  with Dr Fritz Heckler -August 20th   2014 -Business Breakfast Tweed Heads Bowls Club 7am

Dr Fritz HHecklerDr Fritz Heckler – Relationship Counsellor  is dealing with one of the most important relationship issues aroundThe differences between men and women’s brains and how you can use that knowledge to your advantage.

There is no doubt; women and men think differently.  Understanding that difference can lead to happier more fulfilled relationships and a longer life.

 Be there at this informative breakfast and learn:

  • Why men think of nothing and women remember everything.
  • How to get a man to do anything you want
  • How a man can score maximum points without doing anything

Having studied human behaviour for the last 45 years and been married 4 times Dr Heckler wants to share his vast knowledge on the subject with you.

If you don’t learn anything you will at least come away knowing how to avoid getting yourself killed prematurely.


 This is a very special event celebrating our 21st year of operation! (August 1993)

How to attract, influence and retain clients even if you hate SELLING! with Ric Willmot- International Consultant and Author

Ric WillmotAttract and acquire all the clients you desire, faster than you imagined … with            RIC WILLMOT- INTERNATIONAL PRESENTER–at Tweed Heads Bowls Club, Florence Street, Tweed Heads 6-45am for 7am Start- 8-30am Finish.

BOOKINGS TO by Monday 14th July

Ric Willmot, author of Professional Services Marketing Wisdom (published by Wiley and released globally in May 2014) guides you through charting a course from marketing frustration to unprecedented business results.

Using the simple yet powerful Whirlpool Marketing System, Ric outlines the essential principles you need to know to accelerate the marketing performance of your business. Most importantly, you’ll learn a marketing system that creates breakthrough business results that will help your business survive and thrive.

 Ric Willmot is one of those rare people who can say he’s an international author, speaker and consultant, and genuinely mean it!

This is a “must attend” breakfast event as Ric travels the world constantly and is highly regarded internationally. His website is Check is out and book by Monday July14.

Ric Willmot’s work is sought after internationally in improving business growth, success and profits; and he is the go-to person for CEOs, senior executives, and professional service people practicing in law, accounting, financial services, consulting, recruitment, business coaching and alike. He doesn’t waste time on theory and all content is practical and immediately usable.